Walk for the Marshallese

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An excerpt:
“I walk for the Marshallese. From 1946 to 1958-the early years of the Cold War-the United States tested 67 nuclear weapons at its Pacific Proving Grounds located in the Marshall Islands, including the largest nuclear test ever conducted by the United States. The bombs had a total yield of 108,496 kilotons; over 7,200 times more powerful than the atomic weapons used during World War II. During the 1952 test of the first U.S. hydrogen bomb, codenamed “Ivy Mike,” the island of Elugelab in the Enewetak atoll was obliterated. By 1956, the United States Atomic Energy Commission regarded the Marshall Islands as “by far the most contaminated place in the world.”

A big mahalo to Kyle Rehn for continuing to speak out against these injustices.

Also, check out his photography: